Xosé Soto de Fión Foundation · Estatutes

1. Environment defence through an ecologist militancy, comprehended as defence, promotion and study of environmental values refer to places with special relevance of landscape, geology, botanical, fauna, culture and history, as well as the ecological balance of all the location and the architectural harmony of urban and rural centres, with a main emphasis in endangered ecosystem defence by strong environmental impact activities.

2. Defending, studying and promoting the historical and artistic heritage from the ideological view which defences the integrate rehab in agreement with the universal doctrine.

3. Adopting initiatives that could appear contradictory. For example: Promotion of soft, conservationist and no-polluting technology at the same time having a very careful support the audacious technique innovations; tenacity to preserve all the valuable things that the past give to us and acceptance of groundbreaking values resulting from scientific and technique impact in the society.

4. Recovery of in danger trades, activities where the worker recognise the creativity through the well-done work.

5. Promotion the literary expression in minority language, which are subduing with the pressure of big working languages. Defence of all the cultures facing to civilizing floods.